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...... I don't want to do this. I really don't. Considering the hard work my regulars and newcomers have put in. But I'm postponing the Smash Bros HDG-R till 2015.

The funeral on Monday has left me out of sorts and I'm struggling to get this video made. Unless I can get somebody to help me with this in terms of the slides/sprites being made. I don't see this being made by November 31st.

The Christmas video will go ahead as planned. It's alot shorter and less demanding than the Smash Bros vid.

.... Oh and no I don't have Smash Wii U.


454 - Operation Retcon Part 2 by RandomDC3
454 - Operation Retcon Part 2
"I'll let you know in due time if this was kickass, or if Captain America 2 is still my fav movie of 2014."

So.... Operation Retcon Part 1 was put up on the 26th of May. It's now the 23rd of November.

"What took me so long?" you may ask?

Well. It's a number of things.

1 - I usually like to watch movies with my brother MJKnight, and at the time he didn't think "it looked any good."

2 - Both of us couldn't get time off of work, a bit tricky when reviewing movies. By the time we had free schedules the movie wasn't playing anymore.

3 - I had just entered my S.H.M.B. (Super Hero Movie Burnout) phase, which you can blame ASM2 on.

4 - My new job has left me running ragged lately. I just finally had time to watch the DVD version MJ brought home. Yes I could have done this when it came out but I was fucking shagged out (limey way of saying tired) from the job.

5 - Previous reasoning I gave in regards to Smash Bros HDG-R being delayed.

6 - And most importantly... I was broke.

Reasoning and excuses aside. Is Cap2 still my fav movie or did this beat it?

....... No, its close but I like Cap more.

Now, I am fully aware that the movie is based on the much beloved X-Men storyline of the same name and completely ignores most of it. I haven't read it personally but what I gathered is Kitty Pryde goes into the past to stop Senator Kelly from being assassinated by Mystique and her mutants. Fox said "Fuck Kitty Pryde!" and made the movie all about cash cow Wolverine!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *rolls eyes*

Don't get me wrong, I think Hugh Jackman is a great actor but I'm just tired of nearly EVERY X-Men movie being about him. Thankfully, this movie isn't completely about Logan but more of a triangle between Professor X, Magneto and Mystique... Played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Okaaaaaay, gonna get this out of the way now, but I cannot stand Jennifer Lawrence. Like Scarlet "Robocop" Johanson I think she cannot act for shit and delivers all her lines with the same enthusiasm as a disgruntled cyborg. "And. I. Will. Kill. Them. Too!" Jesus, I've seen Hayden Christensen act better than this; and he's the guy who "ruined" Darth Vader (according to the Internet whereas I blame George Lucas for his shitty writing and directing) and that's saying something! Every time she was on screen I found myself saying "could you at least try!?" yes I know its awkward cus you're practically naked and all (something she's probably used to by now) but can you try and act?

Now that I've pissed off Hunger Games fans, let's deal with my only other nitpicks. Starting with the Sentinels.

No, not their designs (even if they look like a cross between Ultron, Slender Man and The Destroyer) but rather their lack of contribution. One aspect I was looking forward to in an X-Men movie was the team battling Sentinels like in the 90's cartoon. I got a small glimpse of it in X3 but now I thought this would be the time to see some good old Mutant Vs. Robot action.

While I did get that and I liked what I saw, I just have minor nitpicks with it. Mainly the fighting was pretty brief and was against characters I had no idea who in pancake flipping fuck are. I mean I recognise Bishop and all, but "PortalGirl" "Razorfist" and "The Human Torch" didn't ring a bell with me. Again, I openly admit I've never read the comic it's based on so consider that ignorance on my part and feel free to fill me in. The Sentinels of the 1970's don't look as bad as people made them out to be; and looked perfectly fine in motion. I just wished they did more and spoke.  I'm not entirely sure if Sentinels had the power to copy Mutant abilities and use them in a rock paper scissors manner. I'm also not convinced Kitty Pryde can send people back in time. I thought she just walked through walls.

I guess the idea of a comic book movie set in the future just going "Oh hey, we have a TIME MACHINE!!!" would be considerd "ridiculous" but whatevs, let's have Kitty deus ex machina Wolverine to the past to save the future from creepypasta versions of Mega Man!

Lastly, the consequence of death.

When a character dies in a story, it should leave an impact on the viewer or trigger some form of emotional response. In the beginning Sentinels brutally murder some D listers and Kitty pulls some deus ex machina to undo it. Which leads to the movies conclusion of "No it's okay; we just fixed it so no problem!" It's what got on my tits about Dragonball Z, when they just get the wish granting dragon to undo everything. So why bother showing me Storm or Portal Girl being butchered in dramatic slow-motion, if you'll just undo it 10 minutes from now? Death should have a form of consequence (yeah I know, comic book plot) but it does reduce the tension or suspense knowing they'll just bring people back to life as easily as switching on a kitchen light!

Shame the same can't be said for Emma Frost and the others from First Class. Seeing them cast off and killed without proper explanation really pissed me off. Not as much as Ratchet's death in Transformers 4 but it's close!

I'm not saying I hate this movie, and do take those as nitpicks. Its little things like that which annoys me about movies like this and the comics they're based on. Having said I really enjoyed the movie.

The continued story of Charles and Eric being my favourite part. First Class really built up a friendship between the two in a way that felt genuine. This movie is that part where two former friends try to be BFF again.... But it fails because you forget Magneto is a massive twat! What I liked about James McAvoy is how he humanised Charles Xavier, and made him a real person instead of a wise old mentor who spoke in riddles. Michael Fassbender is perfect as Magneto! While I still enjoy the talents of Ian McKellen, this Magneto is ruthless and very sinister! Something I look for in a movie villain. Even Peter Dinklage was a show stealer! I don't care that he was apparently "too small" this guy nailed that part! Just goes to show you always hire people for their talent, not their appearence.


The scene where both Xavier's met had to happen, even though Doc Brown would have kittens over that scenario! It felt like it was a conversation you wanted to see and I guess in a weird way, a conversation we all want to have. In that if you could help your younger self when they're struggling you probably would. Visually the movie is stunning to look at, except the scenes in the future which look like a generic Playstation 2 game. The mutant abilities look fine and the secondary cast is okay.

The whole purpose of the movie was to basically erase X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine from the timeline. While I will commend them for not just going "urgh, let's just reboot it!" and actually doing it the hard way, I am saddened that the movies I enjoyed (X1 & 2) are no longer cannon and have been ret conned. Sure it means maybe Deadpool and Dark Phoenix get another chance but it sucks that, well you know.

Finally... Quicksilver.

..... I feel so sorry for Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Oh wait, no I don't!

I won't go into this too much but it's something you need to see for yourself (and considering how late I've been with this you probably already have) but this made me ignore Age of Ultron's Quicksilver. It was perfect, brief and didn't over stay its welcome. Cus I have a feeling if he was in the movie longer he'd of gotten annoying very quickly.

So yeah, I enjoyed Days of Future Past and I'll be sure to check out the next instalment in 2016.

.... And knowing how long it took me to review this one, expect my X-Men Apocalypse Review in 2020.
...... I don't want to do this. I really don't. Considering the hard work my regulars and newcomers have put in. But I'm postponing the Smash Bros HDG-R till 2015.

The funeral on Monday has left me out of sorts and I'm struggling to get this video made. Unless I can get somebody to help me with this in terms of the slides/sprites being made. I don't see this being made by November 31st.

The Christmas video will go ahead as planned. It's alot shorter and less demanding than the Smash Bros vid.

.... Oh and no I don't have Smash Wii U.
A gift from :iconkariookami:

The one 3DS game people have demanded I play is now in my possession.
Golden Ann by RandomDC3
Golden Ann
Golden Ann.

I really get a Super Skrull vibe from this. Personally I'm not satisfied with how this looks, anyone who wants to redraw this then you're more than welcome.

Background belongs to Scott Cawthon.


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