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Before anyone says "NOOOO THAT'S WRONG CUS MATPAT/MARKIPLIER/WHOEVER SAID ________!" I'm not saying this is THE official timeline. This is my theory or take on the timeline based on stuff in the game and general specualtion.

Feel free to submit your own or dissprove this. Whatevs.

I = passage of time.

The Beginning.


Fredbear name trademarked.


Fredbear's Family Diner

(the best logical guess would be sometime in the 70's, which would make sense because all they had back then was the spring costumes and a much smaller establishment)

Diner opens.

Fredbear/Golden Freddy, Spring Bonnie and presumably the Puppet are introduced.

Phone Guy records training tapes to inform employees on how to wear the Spring Bonnie and Fredbear suits.

Fredbear and Spring Bonnie costumes are retired due to the dangers of the springlocks.
(This is not in relation to Purple Guy's death, but the suits possibly either killed or injured an employee before that as hinted in Phone Guy’s message)

EDIT: I know people will disprove this due to MatPat's video. Yet, I offer a counter argument to that. The tapes may have been recorded either during the reorganization of the company or Scott intentionally played these tapes out of order. Another suggestion or thing that strikes me as odd, is the fact Phone Guy is telling you alot of these details in a training tape. I know Phone Dude says "training tapes" but I think what happened is Phone Dude got some tapes mixed up or just found a pile and assumed they're all training tapes. Perhaps half are tapes to train employes for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and the other are in relation to the accident at Fredbear's Family Diner.

Purple Guy kills crying child.

Crying child possess the Puppet.

Company decides to relaunch with a new name and image. Thus Fredbear becomes Freddy Fazbear.


Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Mrk I


Animatronics Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy are introduced.
(The reason why I say the whole gang are introduced here is the evidence given in the "Give Cake to the Children" mini game which see's Fredbear giving out cake in a tiny establishment, plus giving out a cake is Chica's gimmick of the team and not Freddy's)

Purple Guy kills five children.

Puppet "gives life" to the animatronics.

Police investigation is conducted on the missing children. The police claim to have a suspect but the manner of who that is seemed to be swept under the rug.

Restaurant closes due to health concerns and missing children incident, but does not close permanently for the store plans a grand reopening in the future.


Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Mrk II


Grand Reopening of new and improved establishment.

Toy Animatronics introduced. Complete with facial recognition software, designed to hunt down killers and predators. Implying Purple Guy also raped/molested the children.

"Weathered" Animatronics retired and left in the back room. Management suggested retrofitting them with the Toy Animatronics technology but ultimately voted against the suggestion. Mainly due to their grotesque appearence and "foul smell!"

Purple Guy hired as night guard.

Purple Guy moves to dayshift. Possibly when coming face to face with the horrors he created. Mainly the Puppet begins attacking him.

Management counteract The Puppet's behaviour with a music box that subdues its murderous intent. The company also gives all night guards a Freddy Fazbear head as a safety precaution.

Jeremy Fitzgerald hired.

Purple Guy is fired. Seeks revenge by stealing Golden Freddy suit.
(The reason for his dismissal could be a multitude of things. He either quit, was caught killing/molesting a child or was just a lousy employee)

Purple Guy kills more children.


Purple Guy tampers with Toy Animatronics facial recognition. Making them do the logical opposite of their programming.
(No child possessed the Toy Animatronics; their behaviour is the result of reprogramming)

Police Investigation. Restaurant is on lockdown until the matter is resolved. The restaurant is permitted to stage one last event... A Birthday Party.

Jeremy moved to dayshift.

Fritz Smith hired for Nightshift.

Fritz Smith fired after one day on the job.

The final event "The Birthday Party" takes place.

The Bite of 87.
(It is speculated the Mangle is the guilty party of this)

Restaurant Closes. Jeremy either fired, out of a job or killed.

Toy Animatronics are scrapped due to their malfunctioning behaviour. The Puppet survives being scrapped.

Purple Guy either goes into hiding OR serves time in prison.


Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Mrk III


Restaurant opens with much smaller budget.

Weathered Animatronics are refurbished to replace their toy counterparts.

As a safety precaution, Foxy and his "Pirate Cove" are shut down. Mainly until management can see if Foxy isn't as dangerous as his Toy counterpart. Phone Guy convinces the management to keep Foxy around because "He's his favourite!"

The Puppet is stuffed into the kitchen in a "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. Camera is deactivated to not panic any potential night guards.

Several Night Guards are hired and are killed.
(I say several because there is evidence to suggest Phone Guy didn't take the job straight away.
"Uh when the place eventually opens again I’ll probably take the night shift myself." and "Hey you're doing great! Most people don’t last this long. I mean, you know, they usually move on to other things by now. I'm not implying that they died. Th-th-that’s not what I meant.")

Phone Guy fills night guard position.

Phone Guy learns of dangerous animatronics and begins leaving pre-recorded messages.
(It is implied he worked more than one week when he said "Um, I actually worked in that office before you. I'm finishing up my last week now, as a matter of fact.")

Phone Guy dies at the hands of all the Animatronics.
(Due to a sample of all their audio ques being present in the Night 4 recording. If you were to ask me to speculate on who got the killing blow? I'll say Foxy for irony purposes)

Mike Schmitt hired.

Mike learns of Pizzeria's dangerous animatronics via Phone Guy's pre-recorded messages.

Mike Schmitt fired on Night 7.

Restaurant closes down, due to health concerns and ultimately damaged reputation.




Purple Guy returns to dismantle Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy. Possibly to remove any evidence that could incriminate him of murdering the children.

Dead children spirits confront Purple Guy, forcing him into the Spring Bonnie costume. Killing him due to faulty spring locks. Becoming the animatronic known as "Springtrap"

The kids depart to the afterlife.

Building closed off. Leaving Springtrap to rot for 30 years.


Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction.


Attraction is built.

Phone Dude searches old Freddy Fazbear locations for relics.

New Security Guard is hired two weeks before the grand opening.
(I say two weeks because Phone Dude says "Hey-Hey! Glad you came back for another night! I promise it'll be a lot more interesting this time. We found some-some great new relics over the weekend." Implying the new security guard has been there for a week or a few days before the game took place)

Phone Dude gets a lead on a location and uncovers more relics.

Springtrap is discovered and added to the attraction.

Springtrap's presence disturbs the spirits, causing Phantoms to appear. Phone Dude plays it off as "faulty ventilation"

Attraction burns down, one week from the grand opening.

New Security Guard either fired, out of a job or killed.

Phone Dude either moved onto a new project, out of a job or killed.

Remains of the attraction and Freddy Fazbear's as a whole will be sold off at an auction.

Springtrap survived.

The End.


508 - Police Brutality by RandomDC3
508 - Police Brutality
Next game in the marathon is.... "JET SET RAAAAAADIIIIOOOOOOOOO!!!"

*clears throat* Jet Set Radio.

I fucking love this game. The bright colours, the setting, the characters, the simplistic design and of course, the soundtrack!

The moment I heard one song back in the early 2000's I was instantly hooked. I'm not known for any form of "Weeabooism" but I go full on with this game. Like if you were to ask me to describe Heaven, it would be this games world and music... plus naked chicks and it rains Dr.Pepper.

I also love how bat shit insane the game is, hence the theme of the comic.

I understand Graffiti is a form of vandalism and a crime.... But how does sending in a full on swat team armed with tear gas, flame throwers, tanks, choppers, F15s and hiring Assassins consisting of Bane and Muhammad Hassan (armed with the Vampire killer) to take care of skate punks?

That's not including the sort reimagining/reboot Jet Set Radio Future* when it threw in Kaiju monsters and full on demons to deal with you.


It's one of the games I can proudly hold up to show Sega has better ideas than even Nintendo (this came before Splatoon made paint fights cool) before devolving into a former shell of itself who hasn't a clue what they're doing anymore.

Alas, while Sega's delaying the inevitable buyout from Microsoft or Nintendo. I'll always remember them for many things, one of them is the one, the only "JET SET RAAAAAADIIIIOOOOOOOOO!!!"

*JSRF is not really a sequel since it has no connection to the first game and basically is a more fleshed out version of the first title.
507 - Halo in a Nutshell by RandomDC3
507 - Halo in a Nutshell
Next game in the marathon is Halo.

When I say "I'm a fan of Halo" I don't necessarily mean the entire franchise as a whole. I mean this single game. Why? Because alot of the things I loved about the first game were thrown out with the bath water and began devolving into COD styled tedium.

I also loved killing all the Marines the game so desperately wants you to care about. It's so refreshing to have that option WITHOUT being penalised for it. The comic sums up my own thoughts on the game.

I loved everything right up to the point The Flood were introduced. That to me is where I didn't know what the game wanted to be, and just went "fuck it, space zombies!"

Not much else to say about Halo. 3 games left in the Marathon, not sure when I'll get them cus I start my second job tomorow and I hope it goes well *fingers crossed*
506 - Ode to Kayla by RandomDC3
506 - Ode to Kayla
A tribute to a good friend.

The next game in the Marathon is the all time classic "Left 4 Dead Series"
505 - Gotta go fast by RandomDC3
505 - Gotta go fast
Next game in the marathon is Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Also, with the exception of a joke in the May Month Review and World's Unite.... This is going to be the last Sonic the Hedgehog thing I talk about on here for awhile. Mainly because I'm leaving the fanbase again and generally distancing myself from the franchise all together.

No special reason beyond he seems to be going through another rough patch/dark ages or whatever you want to call it and the atmopshere around him (both pro and con) has become incredibly toxic/hostile once again.

The cartoons sudden dip in quality didn't help matters either. So yeah, just going to leave it be until a game comes along to help him get back on his feet, I won't start bashing him because the mouth breathers who do that are still refferencing Shadow or Sonic 06.... Despite it being 2015!

Not gonna scream and ball about it, I'll just drop him and focus on something else.
504 - The Eternal Struggle by RandomDC3
504 - The Eternal Struggle
..... Yeah they'll be there for awhile.

The second game in the marathon is THE Castlevania game, Symphony of the Night. It still holds up well after all these years and I always enjoy returning to it once a year.

On a similair topic, Konami's got some backwards logic at the moment with their "mobile is the future!" Considering that bit Capcom so hard in the ass it could count as sexual herassment!

Japanese developers have gotten quite greedy in recent years. I feel like they don't care anymore or are just forever chasing that COD success nobody should be following.

But yeah, I'll always remember then for SOTN, but not much else!


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