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Is it wrong to ask for fan art?


Is it wrong to ask for fan art?
529 - The Heroic Tarosan? by RandomDC3
529 - The Heroic Tarosan?
Something bad has happened in that alleyway, but what?

To explain “Tarosan City” In the filler Universe (I am thinking of changing that name) Tarosan only took over England, whereas in the Purgatory Universe he managed to take over the entire world. The grand plan when I eventually continue that storyline is the Filler Universe will become the main timeline while elements of Purgatory, Bobbles, F.A.A.B., Braface, 4102 (Reverse’s Universe) and others will all fuse into one comic storyline.

That’s a plan for another time.

To explain an element of this page. Tarosan has his Roplods stationed at various locations in Tarosan City. Mainly for the safety and security of the citizens. Locations such as shopping malls, public parks, city streets, office buildings and bus terminals.

Yet someone has found a few blind spots in there patrols. Tarosan’s Identity Crisis comes from the notion that he has failed his city. One element I will delve into later on, is that he assured the people “they have nothing to fear in Tarosan City” largely in part to the Roplods.

Yet something in that alleyway has him spooked. He quickly realised his systems have been compromised and is going to make this individual pay!!

From Monster to Monarch in the blink of an eye.

Human guilt is a wondrous thing.
528 - Check your Horsecock by RandomDC3
528 - Check your Horsecock
…. Bet you didn’t see that coming now did ya? :P

The reason why I called the storyline “Identity Crisis” was for two reasons. Firstly, the obvious point that Daisy loses her way of life or begins to question who she really is. The second being the ripple effect on those around her and close to her.

Here we see Maggie having regret of her last conversation with Daisy. As you’ll learn eventually, her mother is constantly referred to in past tense. The fear that Daisy may end up the same is on Maggie’s mind.

Stella is experiencing anger. Her “husband” as she puts it has gone missing and she cannot find her. This rage is also brought on by the appearance of someone posing as her, well a variation of her.

The biggest change is Sally Snowflake is now Tudor Horsecock.

How and why, you’ll find out eventually. I wanted to tell this section of the story in reverse order. Making the explanation have more of an impact on what is coming. There are obvious hints in the coming pages on what happened during those 17 days.
527 - JunE3 2015 part 2 by RandomDC3
527 - JunE3 2015 part 2
And now the news most people will only care about…. Video Games.

Not going to talk quite as long this time so here the gaming announcements that I saw. Please tell me what gaming news I missed.

So, Hatred? Was it worth all that controversy, outcry and sjw crying? Was it really this big, evil, vile abomination that needed to be smited?

No, it was a buggy mess that relied on shock value. Case closed.


I know next to nothing about Fallout. No joke, my only reaction from that trailer was this.


…. Don’t look at me like that.


The comic crossover had a rushed start and is all over the place. Hopefully it will get better.


Ryu has now become my go-to fighter in Smash 4. That is all.


I saw the Doom4 footage and I couldn’t see anything controversial or shocking. Unless a certain someone starts a new show called “Tropes against Cyberdemons from hell in video games1”


Shenmue III cometh. That’s good I suppose. Maybe if I played the first two this news might have had some impact with me. It’s my fault for wasting so many years on Sonic.


I understand why Metroid fans are a bit “upset” over “Call of Halo Gears” coming to the 3DS instead of say Metroid Prime 4 or whatever. Yet maybe they’re using this to rouse up interest in a new Metroid game? Not sure why you need to do that since it’s METROID for crying out loud!


I am aware Strokemon is a thing and I am planning on watching it.

For… “research”


Finally, without going into spoilers, Rocksteady kinda lied about a lot of things regarding Arkham Knight. I have no opinion on The Last Guardian or Earthbound Beginnings and I could care less about Tifa’s tit size.

That’s that for this month. Let’s do this again in July… Provided we still have an internet because of TPP of course.
527 - JunE3 2015 part 1 by RandomDC3
527 - JunE3 2015 part 1
So June has passed us by. This month felt longer than it should have been, like I’m expecting it to go on for another 30 days at least. Lets take a quick gander at some of these stories (some don’t need further explaining) I could see this month. Yes, I know there is stuff I’ve missed. But as I’ve said before, if I managed to cover EVERYTHING that happened, even local news of every country, then I’d be still working on this Month Review and the final product would be 88 panels long.

Also, the month reviews are from….

Guy: Random, we know this already. Just get on with it!

Ummm, oh um yes, very well *clears throat*

The Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner fiasco made me wonder why was this such a public manner? Well I know the real answer is “To distract us all from the TPP” but I digress. Everyone came out of the woodwork to have an opinion about this person should be called now.

Without sounding callous, I don’t really care what she’s called now. Why? Because it’s none of my business! Happy for her in the long run but this news does not impact me and I’ll carry on as normal.


Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” Universe really shows me exactly what’s going on. The better title should have been “The Politically Correct Marvel Universe!” because suddenly all your favourite characters have either swapped race or gender. All because Marvel wants to appease Social Justice Warriors who really have no interest in comics, but just watch the movies and need something to reblog about.

X-23 is now Wolverine? Miles Morales replacing Peter Parker? Lady Thor is still a thing? Why do I get the feeling we’re back in the 1990’s again? You remember don’t you? All those stupid decisions, changes and relaunched that nearly caused Marvel to go bankrupt?

It is deeply patronising to take established characters, and suddenly make them gay, trans, black, female, Hispanic, Asian etc etc. When you could, and I’m just thinking out loud here, create new content. It cannot be difficult guys, even Stan Lee is telling you that!

While the reception maybe good for now, but like Obama’s administration this shit is gonna go south faster than you can say “Trans Pacific Partnership!”


Shia LeBeouf returned from actor oblivion and is somewhat socially relevant again. That’s nice.


Ah, Uwe Boll.

I guess he finally got tired of beating up Something Awful contributors to say “Ya, mine movies are pretty guud!” and done us all a favour by finally fucking off! His little rant did scream sour grapes to me, because nobody really contributed to his Kickstarter instead of say Kung Fury, Yooka-Laylee, Mighty No.9 and others. It can’t be the fact he didn’t try with movies such as House of the Dead or Bloodrayne, it couldn’t be the fact he doesn’t handle criticism well in a manner that would make SuperPsyguy look like a saint.

No, it’s all George Clooney, J-Lo and The Avengers fault.

Yeah I’m not going to miss him either… Oh what’s that? He’s making a new movie in 2016.

God hates us.


Rik Mayall’s death still hits me pretty hard. Taken way before his time for the man still had years left in him. Sadly, he got some company recently when Christopher Lee, Dusty Rhodes and James Horner joined him on that casting couch in the sky.

I saw people saying “It’s 2014 all over again!” and to that I say bollocks. 2009 and 2014 will be difficult years to beat and hopefully 2015 can control itself.


The Smiler Roller Coaster had an accident, injuring several people and was closed down permanently. Now the cause of the accident is unknown (unless they said as of typing this up) but it does seem to be just that, an accident. Yet Kat Burley took it upon herself to demonise the park owner on national TV in what can be described as “a one woman lynch mob!”

I said this to Angry Joe, and I’ll say it to Kat Burley.

Professionalism, make friends with it.

This guy was just doing his job and publicly apologised for what happened, yet Burley’s actions were disgusting and unforgivable. Thankfully, the general public echo that view due to Sky News receiving over a thousand complaints about the interview.

Maybe someone should stick her on that roller coaster.


The Charleston Church shootings was a racist terrorist attack, which people can tell me “It wasn’t terrorism” all they like. It was a racially motivated assault on the innocent.  It sickens me that most news networks disregarded it. Which was great to see Jon Stewart call out hacks like Fox News on this bullshit.

It does confuse me how Americans dismiss the issue and claim “this isn’t racial or terror based” bullshit assholes, this guy killed 9 people in cold blood BECAUSE they’re black. You can on and on about how ISIS in this big threat to “the free world” yet turn a blind eye to your own citizens being gun downed by hateful individuals, motivated by racial bigotry?

This led to the confederate flag being discarded and the general lee from Dukes of Hazard being taken off store shelves. The problem from me isn’t just the flag, but the whole town this shooting took place is one giant confederate shitburg.

You can pretend all you like that racism isn’t an issue anymore, but it is. This was a racially motivated shooting that saw the deaths of 9 innocent people. Spare a thought for those who lost love ones recently.

Hopefully one day, we will all live in peace…. Hopefully.


From Racism to….. Who really cares about the Powerpuff Girls anymore?
Like every kids show from the 90’s, this is getting a reboot whether it likes it or not. The show is recasting the original 3 voice actors of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup with fresh, young and new talent.

This has gotten the original VA’s, mainly Tara Strong, a little upset.

To avoid any confusion over what I’ll say in a moment, I want to say I respect Tara. She is apart of my childhood/teenagehood (if that’s even a thing) and my only criticism of her work is that awful Harley Quinn “I’m a 7 year old sounding tough!” voice she does lately.

But to offer a reasonable piece of criticism to Tara on this one, how many voices do you do for kids shows these days? Fuck I’ve lost count to be honest so I think you’ll survive not having one job…. Vs the 1000 you have at the moment.

Seeing you act like that is kinda sad, I mean you’re a professional…. Not Rina-Chan.


The Austerity Marches in London help demonstrate why the UK is in need of some course correction. I have asked this question to a lot of people and they can’t really explain in. So can someone explain to me why the rich get a tax cut and get to keep their money off shore (so tax avoidance basically) but the Plebs who have no money are given a tax rise?

That for the life of me makes no fucking sense. You want to squeeze every last penny out of the poor, till they’re dead and dying in the street. Only to let people who earn millions when they barely do anything to warrant such money get tax cuts.

This is unacceptable.

Looking at how people handled the Charleston Church shootings, to the Austerity Marches, how can anyone claim this is a “free, equal and just society?”

If you’re rich, old and mostly white. You’re in the club.
If you’re none of those thing. Then die in a fire Pleb!

Things cannot, I repeat, cannot go on like this.

I guess the only highlight for me was how Russell Brand was exposed for the hypocrite shitebag that he is.

Rebels and the underclass don’t live in posh penthouses you twat!


Finally, what can I say about same sex marriage? Apart from people suspect it was a distraction so Obama could try and pass the TPP.

I look at this as a natural step humanity must take. It was amusing to see those pastors who said “I’ll set myself on fire if they pass this!!” suddenly get cold feet on the manner. All joking aside, I am happy for my same sex brothers and sisters (I guess calling them gay is a bit taboo now?) and hopefully homophobia, along with austerity, racism and other evils will be a thing of the past.

TPP: Haha, don’t count on it… Now buy a pair of Nike trainers.


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Hey, Nintendo finally confirmed all those previous comments.…

I still say that Ryu's inclusion in this game feels kinda awkward. Not because we already have a Capcom representative (MegaMan), but in consideration that Nintendo's advertising a guy whose series hasn't shown a release on a Nintendo system in the past few years.  You'd think he'd be included to advertise something like USFIV being ported to the Wii U (hell, at least megaman has a large library of games released on Nintendo's eShop).
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