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So to say Worlds Unite was underwhelming is an understatement. Yet the concept could have worked if the ground work and execution was handled better, also Sega and Capcom not interfering with the writing process would have fixed the problems I had.

I did something similar involving Brawl’s subspace emissary story so here is how I’d of handled this storyline. Also, I’m mainly addressing the Mega Man side of things since I don’t read the Archie Sonic comic, but if an Archie Sonic fan wants to fill those gaps, then you have my permission to copy this and add them in.

Just point people to the original if you do XD.

I’ll be tackling this in stages, to help break this down piece of piece to help build a better story. I mean no disrespect to Ian Flynn or the team over at Archie Comics, but I feel an editor was needed for this job… and if Sega and Capcom were kept away from the writing process.

001 - Nitpicky continuity issues.
Let’s take care of the most minute details first. The X side of things clearly takes place near the end of that timeline, mainly due to Axl and the acknowledgement of Red Alert, Colonel and Iris. So why is Vile/VAVA in his X1 design? I get it’s a reference to his concept art, but chronologically speaking shouldn’t he be in either his X2 or X8 designs. Then again, if this is at the end of the timeline why is Sigma there and not Lumine? It’s clearly after X8 due to the X8 Mavericks being present.

Secondly, the obligatory appearance of Super Sonic at the end see’s a reappearance of Super Mega Man… Which is chronologically impossible. Mainly due to the Archie Mega Man series just finished it’s adaptation of Mega Man 3 and Mega Man‘s super adaptor was not introduced until Mega Man 6. The only reason it was in the first crossover was due to the Genesis Wave jumped the Mega Man timeline to the end (MM10) so it could have Bass, Duo and every single robot master.

I’ll offer what I would have done when we talk about the ending.

002 - Building a better road to Worlds Unite.
A problem with this crossover is the justification. Worlds Collide had a set up in place when the blue chaos emerald was teleported into Mega Man’s world when Sonic reset the timeline with the Genesis Wave. You knew it was going to arrive somewhere, thus giving a rhyme or reason for the crossover to begin, almost like a foot in the door kinda deal.

Worlds Unites justification feels like a “just cause” kinda deal. There was no real set up or foreshadowing in place. Sigma learns of the Genesis Portals…. Somehow. Again I don’t recall it being explained. A better idea would be to play off the heels of X8’s ending. Lumine mentioned how Sigma is encoded into his (and the new generation reploids) very DNA. So for our scenario, the coding of the Sigma Virus spreads inside the remains of Lumine that spread to Axl recreates Sigma’s conscious inside of him. Now in control of Axl’s body, his lust for power has Axl upload himself into cyberspace where he can feed and regain his strength. Axl has no memory of what happens so the events of Command Mission take place.

While CM is happening (off screen) Sigma is searching every file of documented history, searching for ANYTHING to defeat X. it’s from here the Maverick Virus mentions something about Genesis Portals. Now to explain what I mean, Mega Man X5 established the notion that the Virus somehow contains Dr.Wily’s conscious within it, made evident by Zero’s dreams in X4 and Sigma talking about “an old man” he met in X5.

With this nugget of information, Sigma searches for records specially involving the appearance of a Blue Hedgehog and Genesis Portals. He finds Dr.Wily’s notes of Genesis Portal creation. To address something you might say.

“BUT WORLD’S COLLIDE HAD THE WORLDS RESET!!” Not exactly true, Mega Man’s world was send back to the events before Mega Man 3, meaning that World’s Collide will still happen in the future, as evident when Xander Payne witnesses it as he time travels. Also, considering Dr.Wily’s ego is bigger than his overall opinion of himself, he’d naturally keep a recorded document of how he’d create Genesis Portals…. Or easier solution, the Virus just tells Sigma how to recreate them. Since a virus is also a force of CHAOS, it stems he can generate the Portals from his own energy.

With this in mind, Sigma crafts a Virus fuelled Genesis Portal to Sonic’s world and keeps off the events of World’s Unite. Now to address how X, Zero and Axl get pulled into this crossover, Sigma’s meddling in Sonic’s world begins to tare down the walls of reality, which explains why Silver arrives in 21XX.

Have it begin roughly the same way, Vile (now in X8 design) is launching an attack on Maverick Hunter HQ, the hunters are winning the day…. When Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic and Sonic Man show up to aid Vile.

Metal Sonic: Our master Sigma requests your presence.
Vile: S-SIGMA!? … Take me too him.

Metal says “Our Master” because of the obvious fact Sigma easily corrupted all of Eggman’s machines with the Maverick Virus. A fact that Rise of Lyric shows his technology is easily hackable, and Sigma demonstrates this on the Deadly 6 in WU. Wily’s involvement would be the same but now Sigma has been given an understanding of Genesis Portals and a proper motivation, to become a God so he has the power to defeat X, once and for all.

Now this all sounds well and good, but how can we get this done in just 12 issues?


003 - DON’T do Worlds Unite until a Mega Man X comic is made.
These crossovers have always been VERY one sided in Sonic’s favour. The crossover was spread over the following titles.

Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic Universe.
Sonic Boom.
And Mega Man.

Now, what I would have done is launched a Mega Man X title, the thing I’ve wanted Archie to do since they teased the inclusion of X in the Dawn of X storyline. Get the comic to at least the X4 storyline so we can then say “Sometime in the future….” kinda deal. Or, if you want to be very cheeky (and if sales numbers were better) launch a third Mega Man title to cover games such as ZX, Legends or Battle Network. With this in mind we now have 6 comics to spread this story around.

Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic Universe.
Sonic Boom.
Mega Man.
Mega Man X.
And Mega Man Universe.

Also, to borrow a play from the Marvel playbook, have an official World’s Unite comic which will last 6 issues to tackle the main bulk of the story, like how Civil War had 6 main books with all their other titles offering tie in books to continue the story.

So if each chapter had 4 issues spread over 4 comics. My scenario now has 7 comics to offer 7 issues for all 3 chapters. Meaning 21 issues to help expand World’s Unite’s story potential. Because with the extra elbow room, you can have a better build up for the guest stars.


004 - Ditch the dead weight.

Oddly enough, I’m not referring to the likes of Chun Li, Nights etc. No, I feel characters who offer NOTHING to this crossover are cut. Comedy Chimp and Fastidious Beaver being the top of the pile. The comic seemed to have characters there just to be there, but I will say it was smart not to include the Boom Versions of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Eggman. Sticks was the only character you needed to represent the franchise. Xander Payne is another character I’d of cut for he just seems to be there for the cop-out ending.

I’d keep the focus souly on Sonic, Mega Man, X and Sticks. While the rest play supporting roles. For the villain side, The Sinister Six would also be cut. They really didn’t add anything apart from 2 battle books and came off as forgettable. It wasn’t wise to sideline Eggman and Wily and have them ultimately work for the good guys. Sigma would work them too the bone until Issue 19 when they set their plan in motion.

The appearance of the Robot Masters also added nothing to a pointless first act (getting to that)

One minor alteration I’d of make is with M.Bison. If Street Fighter IV is any indication, Bison has spare techno organic bodies he can transfer himself into. Sigma at his core is a viral entity and could easily corrupt Bison’s battle body (provided he can overcome his psycho power) which would lead to a battle of will near issue 17.

Again, this is reusing the concept when Sigma took control of the Deadly Six. By stripping off the fat of this story, we now have more time to developing the structure better and giving the guests more to do.

005 - Introduce most of the guests a different way.
The Street Fighter introduction was kinda clever, leave it as it is. No I mean how they got the other characters in the same exact way was asinine. They all basically had the same introduction (again minus SF) so play it up and try something else. I’ll get more into this with 006 but I wanted to say we’d need a better idea than “Oh let’s recruit these popular game franchises because REASONS!”

To do that….

006 - Rewrite that entire first chapter.
(aka we didn’t need a Sonic/Mega Man rematch)

That entire first chapter is garbage, straight up garbage. Just a lazy rehash of Worlds Collide, minus the Roboticized Masters. If we must have Sonic Man and M’Egga Man, don’t have them fight each other. Have them be the driving focus of the teams rescue effort. A rescue effort led by X (not Sally) whose very existence is in jeopardy by the obvious time paradox this presents. See if M’Egga Man exists to disrupt the time line, Dr.Light may not create X.

Sigma would be fine, for Wily would naturally create the Maverick Virus and Zero out of vanity sake, and he’s always had a contingency plan (see Mega Man 7) for every occasion.

Sonic Man would be ordered to attack The World of Sonic Boom, which is how we’d get Sticks along for the ride. X and the Maverick Hunters, hot on their trail land in this world and team up with Sticks (because why would you need that Chimp and Beaver when you have ZERO on your team??) to put an end to Sigma’s madness. From there, it’s a world hopping mad dash to stop Sonic Man and M’Egga Man from setting up the genesis wave devices. Many words to explore and for Sticks to make as many jokes as possible. This is possible due to we now have 7 comics to explore this opening arc, and the build up has been covered in the build up in issues leading up to this event.

Instead of wasting 4 issues on a fight we’ve already seen.

007 - How it should have ended.

From there (minus the recruitment in Chapter 2-3) the crossover plays out nearly the same. Instead we now have a God Sigma, with a Sonic Man and M’Egga Man by his side. All three of them lay waste to the combined efforts of heroes and villains across multiple words.

Leaving only X and Sticks as the last line of defence. Sally mentioned the power of the emeralds, but comments only Sonic could use their power.

Sticks, forever pulling off the impossible, fires one of her conspiracy theories at Sally (leaving her confused) and snatches up the Emeralds. She tells X to use that “anti mind control shielding suit” of his, he quickly corrects her with it’s correct title “Ultimate Armour”

So yeah.

Super Sticks and Super X.

But, it’s still not enough due to Sigma’s Godly power lasts longer than 50 seconds (since Sticks and X didn’t collect any rings) and Sigma begins to gloat about his victory….

…. Out of nowhere, he’s blasted by a beam from Dr.Wily and Dr.Eggman’s rebuilt Egg-Wily Machine X. The reason it’s a killshot, is due to what the beam was. Wily comments on how he began to research “viruses” (MMX foreshadowing) and found a anti virus program to erase Sigma for good.

With Sigma destroyed, the power he stole is returned and the worlds are restored. Our heroes (that we’ve now had time to know) bid their goodbyes and return to their own worlds. X thanks Sticks and tells her she’d make an A class hunter. Sticks tells him “I always knew the robot overlords would take over, and even if I’m 87 and a half when it happens….I’ll crush em with my anti machine rock slider!”

From this point, we learn the entire crossover has been a flashback, as Sticks has been telling her friends about the adventure.

….. And they naturally don’t believe her.

The end.


564 - New Years Party by RandomDC3
564 - New Years Party
FINALLY getting out of 2014 and into 2015... Well the hours before to be exact.

I did actually create the new sprites for Ann and Daisy in December 2014, so the in story reason is justified. I also upgraded the TV set for the shack. Now it has a built in Karaoke machine and 360... Which won’t be showing up for awhile (dang plot holes)

The songs I choose for all 3 of the girls I felt best suited who they are as characters, and happen to be 3 songs I played a lot around that time.

This was meant to be one big ass page, but I’m splitting this into two (or 3) to help the jokes flow better but we are near the end of the flashback now folks.

563 - Unplesant Reunion by RandomDC3
563 - Unplesant Reunion
The flashback would have ended originally with #560 Independence Aftermath, but I remembered something. Back in #514 Death of a Dumbass, Daisy is in a blind panic to find Our Wayne, yet we established in #550 Breaking Down they parted on bad terms.

To prevent a plothole, I decided to connect the dots and add a piece to our current timeline… Because I like to think I am a competent writer who gives a damm about the story I’m writing and not trying to sell you $25 t-shirts.

I kid really.

The ideal place to correct this would be around the Christmas gap when I go into hibernation. The good thing about that is it fills 3 weeks of plot material which is addressed here and in the next page(s)

Yes, I know this backstory is moving at snail speed and I thank you for your patience but I promise this will be the last over extended explanation for awhile. The last one for IC will come at the end when I drop a bombshell but hopefully you’ll stop seeing flashbacks within a flashback.

*insert dated Inception reference here*

The only thing left now for 2014 is New Years Eve….

….and a confession.
367 - Avengers: Lack of Ultron by RandomDC3
367 - Avengers: Lack of Ultron

Man of Steel > Marvel Phase 2.

Not a popular opinion mind you, but let me state why I say that.

At least Man of Steel had a super hero in it, unlike Iron Man 3.
Man of Steel's plot was alot simpler to understand than Thor: The Dark World.
And Man of Steel features a character I actually give a shit about, unlike Guardians of the Galaxy.

Not to mention General Zodd did something and actually battled Superman, unlike Madarin or Mal...whoever he was. I didn't care to be honest.

The only movie (so far) that's better than MOS, is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Which I highly enjoyed watching (Yeah we got it before America for some reason)

Mainly that it did more with its sequel, but still isn't as good as the first movie at times. I liked the interactions between Steve Rogers and Nick Fury, for it built Cap's character up but really didn't tackle the "Man out of time" aspect beyond one simple joke involving the internet. Plus it felt like an actual film and not a CGI department jerking themselves off for 2 hours. The movie is a spy thriller which oddly works well. Considering your main character is dressed like a walking flag.

My only real complaints are Scarlett Johansson (or as I call her RoboHansson) still can't act for shit and the whole "our made up Nazi stand in group is behind everything!" shit is getting old now. What is it with this unhealthy fascination you have with the Nazis, America?

Like this obsession with Islamic terrorists and "all the foreigners are bad" cliché, I've just about had it with this shit. I need a Government Nazi group like I needed Osama Bin Mandarin. At least Spidey's keeping it somewhat simple, with an evil corporation run by a git on a glider with a goblin fetish.

You know it's bad when I'm looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man 2 over Age of Ultron at this point.

Speaking of which Marvel, when in pancake flipping fuck are you going to give me a reason to give a shit about Ultron?

So far, you've had 3 movies to give an illusion to, reference or flat out feature the titular robot. Making his inclusion for Avengers 2 have some weight or impact. Yet what do you offer in the post/pre credits scenes?

Bruce Banner asleep on a couch.
A Thor monster rampaging in London.
A set up for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.... featuring FEGELEIN!!!!!
Bucky Barnes in a museum.
And a set up for Guardians of who cares at this point?

Listen to me Joe Quesada. You need to accept that nobody gives a fuck about Guardians of the Galaxy as much as you do! The fact this movie exists in the first place still baffles me. I mean movies about Spidey, X-Men or the Avengers? Sure I get that.... yet a D squad team, who most audiences were introduced to via Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Earth's Mightiest Heroes needs a movie?

Fuck off!

If that trailer is anything to go by then I can already tell I'm going to hate it. Oh and btw, to the Hipsters who are claiming to be "fans" of GOTG after that trailer hit. Please cut the shit, okay! I don't call myself a fan of Superman but I ended up somewhat enjoying Man of Steel. Yet I don't proclaim "Oh I was fan before it was kewl" like the rest of you!

So yeah, back to Ultron.

What's annoying me with Phase 2 Marvel's putting out is it's giving me no reason to give a shit about Ultron. Yeah, I know who the character is an all (comic nerd) but the point of these movies is to establish these characters to a mainstream audience. With Phase 1, it was designed to set up The Avengers, Loki and the Cosmic Cube (no I'm not calling it by the faggy name of Tesseract)

And, for the most part. It did exactly that.

By the time Captain America: The First Avenger ended, you could say you knew who Loki was, got a vague idea about the Cosmic Cube and got to know Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man... and the other two I don't give a shit about!

But with Phase 2. I really don't know what to think. Because none of these movies are setting up Age of Ultron. There was a theme running through out phase 1. A theme that something really bad was coming and only a team could stop it. So when Avengers began I got into the right mind for it.

With Phase 2, I don't get that sense.

Okay, Let's begin with how The Avengers ended. I'm sure everyone is familiar with this scene by now.…

I was like "HOLY SHIT, IT'S THANOS!!!!" That was an incredible reveal I honestly didn't see coming. So I was naturally hyped about Avengers 2. Cus rewatching the movies I saw The Infinity Gauntlet in Odin's trophy room. Making me think Avengers 2 would adapt the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

Then, the teaser trailer hit.…

I was like "HOLY SHIT IT'S....Ultron? Wait, what happened to Thanos?"

The sudden switch in gears/villain was odd. The reveal of the Titan made it clear he was going to be in Avengers 2. Yet now I'm seeing Ultron appearing. Well, okay I can be paitent for that Infinity Gauntlet Story I guess.

The trailer features an Iron Man helmet morphing into Ultron's head. Basically suggesting Tony creates Ultron.

Megatron: Mistake #1.

I've beaten this point to death. Tony Stark did not create Ultron. Hank Pym did, and it's not a case of "Disney/Marvel doesn't have the rights to the character" because they're currently making an Ant Man movie.…

It's an idea used before in Next Avengers. The idea was dumb then and it's dumb now. It would be like saying Spider-Man was raised by Charles Xavier.

So, now that Tony is Ultron's daddy, you'd think that end credits scene would set the robot up? No. Because fuck you for thinking of something logical.

Megatron: Mistake #2.

I didn't expect one for Thor 2 but Captain America 2 would have been PERFECT!!!! With S.H.I.E.L.D. terminated (if you're reading this before seeing that movie then sucks to be you) and the goverment without a task force. A Project Ultron would have been ideal. Kind of like if Skynet was in a Terminator body. Nope, that's not the world we live in I'm afraid. Instead, Herman Fegelein has to show off Loki's glow stick which should be worthless at this point! And Magneto's kids.

Does 20th Century Fox know about that?

Now all we have left is Guardians of whatever to possibly set up Ultron. Yet they're not going to be in The Avengers 2. Their movie has nothing to do with that plot and will naturally be about Guardians 2.

So with all this in mind. Let's compare cliff notes both phases told you about the main antagonists leading to each Avengers movie.

1: The brother of Thor.
2: He was adopted
3: Craves power.
4: Wants to be the king of Asgard.
5: A trickster.
6: Betrays everyone.
7: Will gain the Cosmic Cube.
8: Will have mind control powers
9: Will be in Avengers.

1: Is a robot.
2: Will be in Avengers 2.

I know this is nitpicking, but as a comic fan, this kinda shit pisses me off! Going into Movie 1, you had a team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and a government agency Vs a renegade Norse God with brain washed minions and generic space goons (who were ment to be the Skrulls) with no backstory.

Yet here it's a shaken up team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Featuring a burned out Iron Man with no suits, a Hulk who's kinda Tony's BFF now, a Captain more concerned with his brain washed buddy, Hawkeye nowhere to be seen, Thor who's more concerned with his human girlfriend, A cybernetic organism played by  Scarlett Johansson, 2 X-Men characters Disney somehow has the rights to and a disbanded government agency who was really controlled by pseudo Nazis.

Vs a Killer Robot.


.... I'm actually rooting for the killer robot at this point!

EDIT: After watching Age of Ultron.... Not to be a prick or anything but LOOK WHO WAS RIGHT!!!!! XD
562 - Straight Outta August by RandomDC3
562 - Straight Outta August
So that’s that for August. I had a good time, even if it was a little bit exhausting. It’s like going on a date with a gorgeous blonde and she insists on a 3 course meal, a movie and sex when all you wanted was a quiet drink and a dance.

Blonde is male or female, depending on where you like to swing.

But, all good things must come to an end. I will say August has tied April for my fav month so far. 4 left to go (THAT DRYING JACKET AND HOVERBOARDS BETTER HURRY THE FUCK UP!!!!) so maybe it will change…. Seeing all we got left is September, a watered down Halloween and the other two I hate….. I doubt it.

Just gonna offer some brief comments on a few of the headlines, cus some don’t need further expansion and as I said last time, I’m trying to let the comics speak for themselves these days.

I can easily write off the Castlevania porno pachinko machine as “lol Japan” and be on my way. Yet sadly that is a pretty accurate description of it. That’s kinda what Japan does, I guess it’s their version of the fan service you’d see in DC’s New 52.

But is it warranted in something Castlevania related?

Not really no.

Yes, you have the succubus boss fight/character who is overly sexualised. Yet her inclusion is about 0.5% of what the game is about. I’d actually prefer seeing Dracula biting more people in the games… Cus that’s what gets me off.

*me gusta*

To say I’ve jumped off the Mighty No 9 hype train is an understatement. Well, considering that train hasn't budged a smegging inch in awhile. My warning flags fired right up when Inafune wanted to make a cartoon show, a Manga, toys and a live action movie of the game…. That hadn’t even reached 20% competition at the time.

I asked the reasonable question of “Shouldn’t you wait for the game to come out first, see if it’s a hit and then do all that?” and people told me to stop worrying, it will be fine.

So you can imagine how quiet those people became when Inafune launched another Kickstarter for “I can’t believe it’s not Mega Man Legends 3” and it got rejected.

At this point, I’m convinced Inafune won’t release Mighty No 9 until he has 2 matching gold houses paid for by Kickstarter money. Hey if he releases the game sometime this century I’ll play it…. Then put it down to go play either Mega Man Zero 3 or Mega Man 2.

Oh speaking that, you know it’s gotta suck when Capcom actually managed to bring out A MEGA MAN GAME while this thing still isn’t finished.

Ouch, that’s one right in the credibility!

On the subject of Capcom, when did they stop being shit? I mean with all the praise I’ve seen for Street Fighter 5, a Mega Man collection came out, DMC4HD getting good sales numbers to the news Resident Evil 2 is finally being remade, welcome back to the land of the living Capcom!

RE2 is my fav in the series, and I am ashamed to admit I’ve yet to beat the game, hopefully I’ll end that when this comes out… Presumably before Mighty No 9 of course.

You’ll have to forgive the brief mention of the GOP. I have no idea what it is and only knew it involved  Donald Trump calling himself Batman.

I know I poked fun at the Sonic fanbase with the HDG-R Christmas Special, but even then it felt like I was beating a dead horse. Pointing out how weird Sonic fans are now is kind of a “be there, done that” kinda deal, so you’ll forgive my lack of enthusiasm for the Sonic Dream Collection LP’s cluttering up Youtube like the endless pile of COD or FNaF ones.

Cheating on your loved one is wrong. So I have no sympathy for those exposed in the Ashley Madison hack.

The Minions need to fuck off already!! Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen Despicable Me or it’s sequels but why are those little yellow bastards EVERYWHERE I go online? I don’t see the appeal behind them and I’m being painfully reminded of the Ponies and Rabbids before them.

To save some time, can the memes the internet farted out this year join the Minions on their journey back from the Hell that spawned them?

I got asked if I’d still eat at Subway now that Jared’s gone to prison. Well sure, it’s not as if the sandwiches diddled the kids now did they?

It’s like how I say I don’t blame religion for the fanatics, I blame the fanatics on the fanatics.

That’s about it for August. Let’s do this again in September.
Bramilyn Monroe by RandomDC3
Bramilyn Monroe
... I regret nothing.

Lucia belongs to :iconbadluckcrow:
Amaranth belongs to Jess and :icontheunusualgoth:
Smoke belongs to :iconthepsywrenscall:
CopEater is a joint creation with me and Kayla
The rest belong to me.


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Nice one. I love the Big Green Dub. It's so ridiculous yet is a very accurate translation at times.
This just in: Inafune's finally making damage control with the MN9 delay:……

If true, I'd be a little happier if it wasn't limited to backers (though maybe I'll check out some new youtube video).  Still, a lot better progress than Beast's Fury.

(I apologize for the multiple links, but I felt needed multiple sources to confirm this wasn't some questionable rumor)

I guess someone at Capcom looked back at 2011-13 and realized, "Holy carp, we fucked up somewhere" and decided to punch some sense into the higher ups.
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They just revealed the amiibo. Co-op confirmed for Wii U, new challenges, new relics(weapons), and customization.
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