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So I have an idea for a character. He isn't a joke character (that's still Dom) but rather a..... What would you classify DBZA's Yamcha as?

But I'm in a bit of a tangle about this. The initial inspiration comes from the 1970's sitcom Citizen Smith.…

But I sligthly want to base his behaviour and appearence on UK "comedian" Russell Brand. Now here is my tangle. I heavily criticised Marvel Comics for turning "Troy" into The Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K. to vent their politcial frustrations. Would this action be viewed as hypocritical on my part, or are they not the same?


641 - #UnSubFineBros
What more needs to be said about TheFineBros and their now defunct bullshit announcement?

I feel like I’m attempting to beat a dead horse that’s already been powderized by an angry mob of far too many people, but I guess I can still piss on the remains. Also, I wanted to wait until the dust had settled. Instead of being a knee jerking twat, who “reacts” (if you see what I did there) to something the second it’s announced. And judging by what we’ll get to in a minute, I was right to wait.

The basic nutshell is this.

“Greedy assholes wanted to police content on Youtube”

Hell this wouldn’t be the first time hacks on Youtube suddenly got an inflated ego and felt “Hey I know, let’s treat our audience like a bunch of suckers and take every last penny from them!!!!!” I mean Screwattack, Darknessthecurse, Smosh, Linkara, Waxonator, AVGN/Cheetahmen, Nostalgia Critic, Anita Sarkiseen, Mighty No 9.… Okay that last one wasn’t exactly a Youtube channel but you get my point.

Watching their video announcement was about as painful as listening to all the songs features in ADoseOfBuckley’s “Worst Songs of 2015” video. Yeah, I’d rather listen to Manika going lesbian or Sia screaming (with car batteries on her nipples) than a pair of no talent cucks jerking themselves off at the expense of their audience. Something along the lines of “Our videos are so ground breaking and they’re loved all over the world because we’re such big pioneers and we’re Gods!”

I’d link you to the original video…. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

What kind of arrogance, ego and fucking narcissism is that? Folks, I realise I have a small following with my comic series, but I would NEVER be so up myself that I’d say this.

“WinneBobble is the #1 comic series online, I am such an amazing talented writer and sprite artist, that I’ve just copyrighted the term sprites and comics. So if you want to make a webcomic… SIGN UP TO WINNEBOBBLE WORLD!!!!”

Now, unlike TheFineBros. I would not give a flaming fuck if somebody started doing Month Reviews, PreOwened Experiments or even HDGs.

If they said “Inspired by the works of James, aka RandomDCE” then that’s good enough for me. Let me tell you something folks. Money should not be your soul motivation for creating content, it helps, but you should always look at that as a bonus. Yes, I had a BlipTV account and made some cash, but you know where the bulk of that went?

So I could feed myself, hell I even made a video showing off my dinner made from Blip money. Plus I work two jobs and find time to make comics. I’m doing okay. Yet I see assholes like these, suddenly letting greed cloud their judgement.  Now I know they’ll still have their fans that will continue to support them, but unlike AlphaOmegaSin I won’t talk shit about them (and I mean this with no disrepect to the man) by ranting like an incredibly pissed off William Shatner if he were a roadie for a metal band. Their choice, I’ll question that choice but it’s their choice to make.

The same questioning I offered Nintendrones for defending Nintendo’s asinine Partner Program. Which is basically the same thing as this, but more fucking retarded! These pair of nimcombutts (unleashing my inner Robotnik) had the brilliant idea of “Well shit, if we just copyright a bunch of popular buzzwords like react then NOBODY WILL MAKE THESE SHITTY VIDEOS BUT US, LEAVING ALL THAT GOLD FOR OURSELVES UHUHUHUHUHUH!!!!”

Well the lone plus side in all this, is that Jinx would have been officially fucked and will have to go get a real job. For the record, I hate most Reaction Videos like I hate David Cameron, but even I felt bad for these guys being forced out of their hobbies (they’re not a job) like that.

Except for Jinx, that guy can get to fuck for all I care.

You do not own a word assholes, nor do you own the concept of people reacting. Because I seem to recall the concept of reaction videos existed long before you began exploiting stupid little kids and old people to make money. Remember the reaction videos to 2 Girls 1 Cup? I sure as shit do (if you’ll forgive the unintentional pun) Or hell I heard of my buddy He11sing920 doing Reaction & Review long before I even heard you slack jawed yokels were a thing.

Reaction videos are sadly all the rage now, so rather than just accept a little competition and try even harder. You decided to squash everyone around you, pull a Vince McMahon and make sure nobody was doing this but you. You deserve all the shit you get. Which goes to show that nobody likes hostile power grabs, not from Viacom, not from Sony, not from Nintendo and especially not from Youtube elitists who got too big for their britches. Personally I think the reactionist sub culture on Youtube needs to be purged all together, because it’s allowed lazy jackasses to mooch off of other peoples videos and hard work.

Yet this is NOT the way to go about it.

Well, before you could finish saying “The FineBros are backpeddling worse than Microsoft did with the Xbone” they pulled a little 180 damage control, before finally pulling the plug on this doomed project.…

Which, to give them a taste of their own medicine, I will now react to for your amusement.

001 - "We’re here to apologize."
Me: I find it funny how this is just a text message that could have been written by anyone. I want to see a full video apology before I believe this horseshit.

002 - "We realize we built a system that could easily be used for wrong."
Me: And by wrong, you mean yourselves obviously.

003 - We are fixing that.

Me: I think it’s going to take more than “fixing it” to get your subscribers back boys.

004 - T"he reality that trademarks like these could be used to theoretically give companies (including ours) the power to police and control online video is a valid concern."
Me: You couldn’t have picked a worse time to do this, considering Youtube’s currently going through some bullshit with companies abusing the DMCA system and shutting down people for having an opinion. IHateEverything, TeamFourStar and Nostalgia Critic have taken a beating recently and then you decide NOW was the time to announce this?

That’s like making 911 jokes…. 10 minutes after the tragedy happened.

005 - "And though we can assert our intentions are pure, there’s no way to prove them."
Me: *trying not to laugh* Your intentions were about as pure as Sony’s with LPs.

006 - "We have decided to do the following: 1. Rescind all of our “React” trademarks and applications. 2. Discontinue the React World program. 3. Release all past Content ID claims."
Me: You shouldn’t have done this in the first place. This is what happens when you let greed cloud your judgement.

007 - "Our plan is to keep making great content with the help of our amazing staff."
Me: I’m sorry WHEN did you make “great content” exactly? All I saw was you exploiting kids and old people while holding a camera. Not to toot my own horn, but I make content. You mooch off of other peoples content! Hell this rant alone has MORE creativity and content than any of your faggy little videos ever will!!

008 - "Thank you for your time and for hearing us out."
Me: I can’t hear text, I read this dummies.

Now, if I can be sincere for a moment. I want to say the following.

I am thankful for everyone who supports me, follows my work and has stuck with me over the years. I mean this 100% when I say "Thank you all very much, your support means that much to me!" But I would never turn around to my small but loyal fanbase and say "fuck you, I only see you as walking ATMs and now I'm all about the money!"

Basically I'd never become the Fin£Bro$!

For all of you who kicked up a fuss about SOPA, or are basically TERRORFIED by the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which MAY get passed in the future. This was a small taste of what could have been. Money grubbing douchebags out to silence their competition. So instead of 80 something baby boomers in suits, it's a dickbag in an ugly beanie and a fart for a face trying to buy the word "React"

So I hope you’ve enjoyed ripping the FineBros a new asshole, because this is becoming the standard now.…

I can’t wait for Epic Rap Battles of History to trademark the term Rap Battle. Or perhaps Scott Cawthon will trademark the words Five, Nights and At? Maybe Death Battle will trademark its name and sue people for using it…. And MovieBob will trademark “Misinformed asshat!” and can sue himself. Youtube is a terrible place to be. It used to be about people having fun, sharing ideas and enjoying each others work. Now it's about greedy assholes who are only in it for the money! That they don't care how shitty or just down right unwatchable their content is.


This whole thing makes me glad I decided to quit Youtube awhile ago.
874 - MMPR In 3 Panels or Less EPILOGUE
Edited by :iconbloatedbeard:
Page inspired by a joke by Kirbopher15 (I fully acknowledge this and please don't sue me sir)

So in conclusion, since we're at the epilogue of this miniseries. What do I think of Mighty Morphin Power Power Rangers, since I'm now roughly my dad's age when it first aired on TV?

I'd moreso consider it a guilty pleasure nowadays. I've moved onto shows like Dragonball Z to get my action fix or onto videogames to fill the void once occupied by Power Rangers as I stopped watching midway through Power Rangers Turbo. I haven't seen any of the new series being produced and I'm avoiding the 2017 movie like the plague, but it's actually nice to know we're not refering to the Rangers in the past tense.

So many fads have come and gone over the years that I know even saying "Anyone remember Bucky O'Hare, VR Troopers or Argh Real Monsters?" might net me some confused looks. Power Rangers was a big part of my life in the early 90's, alongside things like Sonic the Hedgehog and Spider-Man so I do go back to it to satisfy a morbid curiosity or if I'm just in the mood for it.

If I had a favourite episode, it would probably be Power Ranger Punks, due to the incredible amount of cheese from the premise and simply having the best monster in the series to date - The Terror Toad.

If you haven't seen MMPR before, check it out on Netflix or on DVD if you can find it. You may love it, or you'll have some decent riffing material. Now, if you excuse me. I've got to decide what's next to sum up "In 3 Panels or Less."

Season 3. (13 episodes)
A Ranger Catastrophe - "Guess who is going to be replaced soon?"

Changing of the Zords.
Part 1: "You lose a Zord and you're defeated?"
Part 2: "Zedd in the Command Center? That's fucking epic!"
Part 3: "Shogun Megazord. Now available at your local Toys-R-Us!"

A Different Shade of Pink.
Part 1: How to break an evil spell? Flashbacks, duh?"
Part 2: "You tried to kill our friend? Don't worry, instant forgiveness!"
Part 3: "Bye Kimberly! Wait, don't you need a sword for that?"

Master Vile and the Metallic Armour 1/3.
Part 1: "So when is Rita's Mum gonna show up?"
Part 2: "Blue Globber Monster." Sounds like a porno title to me.
Part 3: "The Metallic Armor was a pointless edition. What a shock."

Rangers in Reverse. "And that's the end of the series!"

And as a Bonus.
Alien Rangers/A Zeo Beginning. "Let's never speak of this again!"
874 - MMPR In 3 Panels or Less Part 4
Edited by :iconbloatedbeard:

Beretta as The White Ranger.
Prima as The Black Ranger.
Dom Fury as The Pink Ranger.
Espio Manditori as The Blue Ranger.
Mya Margarita as The Yellow Ranger.
Erin O'Leary as The Red Ranger.
Bernie Sanders as Zordon.
AlphaOmegaSin as Alpha5.
Sammie Standin as Replacement Pink Ranger.
Ursula as Replacement Yellow Ranger.
BadLuckCrow as Rita Repulsa.
Kari as Lord Zedd.
CYOP as Goldar.
Anuro as Rito Revolto.
Swan as Master Vile.
Charlotte Ness as Dulcea.
Davkd Dodger as Ivan Ooze.
And Ariel as the Blue Globber Monster.

Crow, Beretta Swan are creations of :iconbadluckcrow:
Kari belongs to :iconkariokami:
Anuro and Prima belong to :iconbloatedbeard:
Ursula belongs to :icondivinexremembrance:

Ariel is a co-creation between myself and :iconthe-artistic-dragon:

...... It's time to end this mini series. Before we begin. I do feel the Rangers got their asses kicked this year. I mean their movie bombed at the box office, their Vs Justice League comic was cancelled and that PS4/Xbone game was mediocre. Not a good time to be a Power Rangers fan is it?

But down to business.

MMPR: In 3 Panels or Less.

Season 3.

Coming off a movie (that is more miss than hit) the series was looking to bring things to a collective end this time around. Or more precisely, it was time to put the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to bed and get the stage ready for the Zeo Rangers.

The method of how they got the Ninja powers in the TV series is more to the point than the movie was. I refer you to Part 3 for more details since I'm not going over it again. The introduction of Rito Revolto gave Goldar someone to bounce some dialogue around with, almost creating the Rangers answer to Bebop and Rocksteady. Season 3 had more tension and serious themes but sadly Ninjor really detracts from any sort of seriousness they tried to implement.. I think it's mainly the fact he looks like a Ninja robot man, but talks like a cross between Kermit the Frog and Dudley Do-right.

While Ivan's method of stripping Rangers of their powers made little to no sense in the film, Season 3 doesn't make things any better. So the Zords blew up because they were outnumbered by monsters? Yet in the Wedding this exact same scenario happened and it was okay? This is what I was talking about last time, how the show had blatant continuity problems and errors in it's own logic. I can except Rito destroying the Zords, but a bunch of monsters that have proven to be inferior to the Thunderzords is baffling. Not to mention the fight with Cyclopsis had a similair result yet all it did was retreat the Zords to their hiding places.

Not to mention when either the Zords or the Command Center was destroyed, it never stripped the Rangers of their powers. So having them suddenly lose their powers is baffling. This also is regurgitating segments from how Season 2 began. "New Villain appears - Lose Old Powers - Get New Powers - Curb Stomp New Villain!" its what I refer to as "The Digimon Formula."

Look, I know the real reason was "We want to use the Kakuranger footage!" and I know you're saying "IT'S A KIDS SHOW!!!" but the in story reason is pure bullshit. So Kermit the NinjaDudley gives them new Zords (also available at your local Toys R Us) and we have a new goon for Rita and Zedd. Let's move into the actual episodes and what they bring to the narrative.

Taken from the the 1995 Movie, the Tengu Warriors are the new henchemen for the Season. I really didn't like the Tengus, primarily because these goons actually talk and tell jokes.... very unfunny jokes What's equally confusing is how Ninjor claims their new powers aren't related to their old ones.... Yet they morph into their old Zyuranger/Dairanger costumes. Again, I know Kakuranger only had 5 Rangers (Red, Black, White, Blue and Yellow) and they were missing their 6th Ranger, so they had to stick with the old outfits. I mean they could have wrote one of them out..... Oh funny I mention that. We said goodbye to another fan favourte character.

If you asked a lot of fans what their favorite aspect of the show (after Tommy) was? They'd probably say Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly. She was basically every kid in the 90's first real crush. Not gonna lie, I really fancied the shit out of her as a kid (I admit it) and even today she's still attractive as hell. Even the new Kimberly, played by Naomi Scott, commented on her pretty she is. That's respect.

Yet all good things must come to an end. Amy decided to leave the show, breaking the hearts of teenage boys across the nation. Thankfully her departure was handled better than "Oh she's joining a peace confrence and we won't see her on screen as she leaves" but rather Season 3 became "The Kimberly Hart Show." Her replacement however, if we're being honest, couldn't hold a candle to Kim. That's not any form of disrespect intended to Catherine Sutherland who played Kat. But they could have got Lucy Lu, Melissa Joan Hart or even Sarah Michelle Gellar and it still couldn't measure up to Amy Jo.

Kathrine, as a character is okay I suppose, yet it does seem strange that a seasoned Ranger with a competant level of fighting experience is replaced by a rookie with little to no combat training or skills. She was a swimmer, but I don't think that'll help when fighting people.... Unless Zedd sends a monster out to sea. She improves towards the end of Season 3 and becomes a bigger character in Power Rangers Zeo, yet her humble beginings were a lot to adjust to.

The departure is when the show stoped screwing around and got serious. The tone shift surrounding Kimberly's departure and Kat's introduction harkend back to the Green with Evil Saga, with an Evil Ranger (let's be honest, you knew Kat was gonna become one) single handedly taking the Rangers down with zero resistance. Some silly moments began seeping through the cracks sadly. For instance, Tommy loses the Falconzord and declares "Lord Zedd has finally defeated the Power Rangers!"

Ummm... Let's get the score sheet out shall we?

He destroyed your Dinozords.
He destroyed the Green Ranger powers.
He defeated Tor the Shuttle Zord.
He and his wife destroyed the Thunderzords.
He stole Ninjor and the Falconzord.

I think he's defeated you a few times, actually. Mind you, Tommy has been known to be hammy as hell in this series - overtime he magically went from crazy badass to drama queen.

Another new addition (more accurately another idea from the movie) was a secondary form for the Rangers to morph into. The Ninja form granted them civillian powers. Granted they looked like they're walking bedsheets, it was a nice change of pace. It was brief when they used this form but it was nice to see something different instead of going straight into the Ranger forms for battles.

The next major introduction to Power Rangers was Rita's Father. Master Vile, and this is where I began to put my fist through the wall.

A problem I've had with "The Digimon Formula" is Power Rangers basically invented it. In the first season, Rita was called "The Empress of Evil" which logically should put her at the top of the food chain. Then in Season 2 we got Lord Zedd "The Emperor of Evil" which somehow outranks Rita. Now we have Master Vile who officially outranks them both. You can't keep pulling this trope out of your ass, guys. Stop establishing a supreme evil only to then give them a higher authority to answer to next season.

By the time Power Rangers in Space aired, we had Rita & Zedd, Master Vile, King Mondo, Divatox, Astromina and their own boss - Dark Spectre. While In Space hinted at this idea, I think it would have been better to introduce Dark Spectre as the head of the family at the very beginning. I'll come back to Master Vile in a bit, but let me explain myself:

The whole hierarchy of villains would have worked better with a Mafia/Yakuza stucture where each of the series' villains were the head of a particular house/family. For example, King Mondo would be the head of the Royal House of Gadgetry, or Astromina as the head of the Space Family, or Lord Zedd and his House of Zedd marrying into Rita's House of Vile, etc etc.. Run them like an organised syndicate then the shift between villians make more sense. Dark Spectre choses Lord Zedd to take over Earth to which Zedd sends down Rita since the Head of the Family/Emperor wouldn't get his hands dirty. Her constant failure would be seen as shame/disrepect upon his House until he opts to do the job himself. When he finds himself failing, Dark Spectre sends in Master Vile to do the job and so on.

Master Vile is a MUCH more competent force than even Rita or her dumbass brother, Rito. He pretty much accomplishes what it took Rita and Zedd half a season to do, in about 2 episodes. His arrival leads to the Rangers getting the most pointless upgrade to their powers.


Let's not speak of this again and move on.

On a technical standpoint, I officially got tired of the comic relief with the series. I found the meshing of the new Kakuranger footage clashing with the Bulk and Skull scenes, when the better thing would have been to give these two their own show. I love Bulk & Skull, but they really outgrew this series. Another tiresome aspect is the Zord summoning sequence near the begining of the season. It was a trend introduced in Season 2 with the Rangers dragging out the summon sequence when really Jason's shout of "Let's show em the power of Thunder!" would have been fine. Dragging the sequence out with naming both animals of their powers was bad that I was worried it would be dragged out by announcing all 3 animals. God, could you even imagine?


..... Kill me.

The Zord fights got shorter and shorter with each episode that I began to wonder what the point of it was. The Master Vile episodes were really the best you were going to get with the Zords. The show seemed to be more driven on the teen drama aspect than the actual Ranger fights themselves. I know they wanted to rely less on the stock footage, but I'd rather they relied on stock footage than giving me more time for Bulk, Skull, Rita, Zedd and even Master Vile to make the kind of awful jokes not even Amy Schumer would dare say outloud.

Finally, it's so weird to see a series end on such a sour note. If you count Alien Rangers as a new series or not, it's so weird to see a series end with the badguys winning. Granted its setting up Power Rangers Zeo but seeing the Mighty Morphin era close with the bad guys winning the day is such a buzzkill. Stay tuned for the Epilogue where it'll be time to "Can this bitch!"
873 - Here's where the fun begins
(Rated E for everyone)

Edited by :iconbloatedbeard:

Remember when Disney was good? I mean, really good?

Long before they were infested with teen comedies (which double as a torture method) and relying on Frozen's waning relevance, there was a golden age of Walt Disney and to gaming as a whole. It all came from a truly wonderful time to be a kid. Let me set the mood. It's the early 90's. You've just finished school, you've grabbed a snack and you sit infront of your TV to watch some of the best cartoons at the time in one segment.

The Disney Afternoon.…

For all of my anti-Disney rhetoric, I must confess to wasting hours upon hours of binging these shows as a kid (well maybe not Talespin or Bonkers) and I have fond memories of them to this very day. I think it's why my anger towards the likes of Disney, Marvel, Sega and Nintendo is so strong is because I know they can produce kick ass entertainment but just choose not to. Anyway, this is a positive review so let's get back on topic.

I know licensed games have a huge stigma around them these days (Unless you're Batman) but back in the late 80's to early 90's they were the king of the crop. A section of them were produced by power houses such as Sega, Konami and Capcom. Capcom created some pretty iconic Disney based games and the core of them are here in this brief reminder of "the good old days" appropriately titled The Disney Afternoon Collection.

This is going to be a brief review for there really isn't much to say on each title. Keep in mind these come from an era in gaming where the average title lasted around 40 minutes and can be completed in 20 minutes via speed running. (the average length of a porno video)

Before we talk about each game individually, let's quickly go over the new features specific to this collection. The most prominent new feature added is the Rewind function - these NES Disney games were notorious for being harder than a viagra powered horse cock, but the new features relieves some of this tension by letting you rewind time a la Braid to undo your mistakes, see where you went wrong and try again. Some would argue this removes all challenge from the game but this is a nice feature for newcomers to play around with without screwing with the original games in any way. The two other game modes (Time Attack and Boss Rush) remove these features for obvious reasons, and actually provide a stereotypical speedrunner style split clock so you can see your improvements.. Finally you have a music and art gallery which are basically meaningless but I appreciate the inclusion.

Now let's get into each games.

Ducktales (1989)…
This is the game that should be fresh in everyones minds, thanks in part to the Remastered version a few years back. It felt odd returning to this version as I've become more familiar with the remake. The basic design is how I remembered it being but I can now see where the remake differs from the original. It's a very simplistic experience and if I went into more detail I'd simply be parroting my review of the remaster. "This is still a fun outing and I highly recommend you start your journey here.

Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers (1990)…
This is easily my favourite game out of the collection, given how I've spent the most time on it. If you've played Super Mario Bros 2 (USA) then you'll be right at home here. You control the titular chipmunks as you use crates, screws and apples to throw at enemies as you reach an end goal. I feel this is the game that has aged just as well as Ducktales and would love to see a remake of down the line. If I had to criticise it on anything, it would be the rather lackluster boss battles You're given a small ball which has infinte uses to take down baddies with very predictable patterns. Even the final showdown with FatCat (don't ask) is piss easy. Beyond that I highly recomend this game above the others. The multiplayer aspect can be absolute chaos for Player 1 has the rewind function and both players can use each other as a projectile.

Talespin (1991)…
This is the one I enjoyed the least. Ignoring the rather odd premise of repurposing Jungle Book characters, the control is kinda unique in that you can control where the auto scrolling camera goes by changing the direction of Baloo's plane. The controls handle okay but the most frustrating aspect is the hard as nails bossfights. You'll be thanking your respective Gods that the rewind function was included here - I personally must have used it at least 150 times during this game alone. Play through it once to say you've done it, but I personally won't be picking it up again any time soon

Darkwing Duck (1992)…
Starring a character I'm BEGGING Disney to do something with again!!!

It seems Capcom was still high on the success of the Mega Man series because I can't help but think about those games while playing this one. You have a similar stage selection process, enemy variety, unlockable weapons with limited ammo, and a difficulty curve so steep that you'll be walking sideways in no time. This was the game I also had some control issues with for I found myself pressing the shoot button but the game wouldn't respond in the thick of things. Where the Mega Man similarity ends is with DW's ability to grab onto ledges and shoot while ducking (if you'll forgive the unintentional pun) making him a more versitle fighter than the Blue Bomber.

The bosses, much like Talespin, are also a kick in the bollocks for they will test your paitence from time to time. However they do follow an easy to follow/predictable pattern than shouldn't cause too much frustration. The game is still enjoyable, but I think it desperately needs a remastered version to iron out some issues and reintroduce this character to a new generation..... Hint, Hint. Nudge, Nudge!

Ducktales 2 (1993)
There really isn't too much to say here beyond "It's Ducktales.... But longer" One of the ways the game achieves this goal is by adding another ending which you obtain by finding secret pieces of a map that lead you to a hidden treasure. There's also a weird quirk with the game's dialogue - everyone in the game refers to our greedy miser as "Uncle Scrooge" when only the nephews did so originally - I guess Gyro and Launchpad are now very very distant cousins to the triplets? I dunno.. That's about it really. It's Ducktales.... But longer!

Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 (1994)

It's the same deal here. It's Chip & Dale..... But Longer! I will say the graphical design has recieved a complete make over. The original game had a very barebones design to it, whereas the sequel tries to match the look of the show to the best of the NES' ability. Character models are on point, the enviroments are more detailed and it feels like an actual episode of the show. The story however is running on some real batshit logic even for a Disney Cartoon. So FatCat breaks out of prison (don't try to think too hard about that) and steals the Urn of the Pharaoh. You'd think this would be the end game but it's quickly resolved and switches to an amusement park set up. Then that motif is dropped as well and we're introduced to the Death Egg R- I mean, "The FatCat Robot!"

It's still as good as the original, but I generally prefer the first game over this one.

Not to go all 'ONLY 90S KIDS REMEMBER' on you all, but if you didn't grow up with this era of gaming I would be wary about picking this up as you may not be familiar with the shows in question. That being said, with plenty of indie games being platformers and with one of these said games being heavily inspired by Ducktales (according to friends) then it's still worth checking this collection out if you wanna scratch that 2D itch.

Now we can only hope that the Mega Man Legacy 2 rumor is true..


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